Making the world a better place is a trendy thing to do these days. Social consciousness and responsibility are more important to your average American than ever before. And your average consumer is much more aware of – and jaded by – the traditional approach to advertising. So why not adopt a marketing strategy for the modern world? Something that connects more intimately with your audience, while actually making the world a better place.

Charitable giving can have a positive impact on a company’s growth and profitability if done strategically. The potential of this symbiotic relationship is why we formed Karma PR. Marketing a business requires a multi-faceted approach, but our ultimate goal is to connect companies with on-brand opportunities to give charitably, then help them market the good deed in a tasteful way that benefits their bottom line. Because if your company isn’t growing, neither is your ability to give back.

What Is Strategic Philanthropy?

In short, strategic philanthropy means giving charitably in an on-brand way that gets noticed. It is also referred to as cause-related marketing and has been common practice in the marketing industry for decades.

Most companies already donate or give back to their community in some way, so what makes us valuable? While many company’s charitable initiatives are well-intentioned, they often end up being too vague or run-of-the-mill to benefit the business from a marketing standpoint. What sets us apart is our attention to detail when selecting the perfect philanthropic opportunity for your company. That’s why we are constantly updating and adding to our database of deserving charitable causes. This allows us to pair you with a unique opportunity that fits your specific brand and budget, while making a meaningful impression on your customers.

Beyond that, “taking credit” is a delicate art form. We believe that giving back is something everyone should be talking about. It helps us see the benefits, exchange opportunities, and inspire others to do the same. Our approach to marketing your charitable efforts is rooted in this belief.

We consider four main aspects when searching for your perfect match, we call them:

WHOA Factors

Within Budget

Every business has a different budget for marketing. What’s important is how you use what you have. Giving away $50 worth of products can go a long way if it’s given to people who really need it instead of the next person who “likes” your page.

Has a Positive Impact

This is the most important part of strategic philanthropy. If you donate to a cause without researching it, your efforts may go unnoticed. Or even worse, could end up having a negative impact on the cause you’re trying to support. If your efforts don’t genuinely make a positive impact, the entire model falls apart.

On Brand

Your customers can tell the difference between uninspired giving and a company that really cares about making a difference. Donating to people and places that are relatable and important to your brand and target demographic will make a much more significant impression on your customers.

Attracts Attention

What makes your charitable effort stand out? A $500 donation to a small cause that only needs $500, makes a much bigger impression than donating that kind of money to a cause that’s already raking in millions every year. We seek out unique giving opportunities that will really connect with your audience on an intimate level.

Our Philosophy

Some people say that doing good “doesn’t count” if you’re only doing it to get credit. We disagree.

If your business is doing good in the world we believe you deserve to get credit. Sharing it publicly cultivates hope and gratitude in your customers and inspires other businesses to follow your lead. Anonymous donations are admirable, but doesn’t your competitor seeing your contribution inspire them to do the same? Even if it’s supposedly done for “selfish” reasons, goodwill is spreading and worthy causes are getting the help they need. Why should anyone have a problem with that?We formed Karma PR because our brains were built for marketing, but our hearts demanded we make the world a better place. We find that, like us, most businesses have a simultaneous desire to grow and make a positive impact on society. We’re here to facilitate that.

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