Non-profit organizations’ needs and business models are very different from their for-profit counterparts, but the formula for success and growth is surprisingly similar. Many non-profits think they can’t afford to hire a communications and marketing company, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. For most of our clients, our services pay for themselves, then continue to produce growth and fundraising opportunities long after we’re gone.

All of the estimates below are based on a $50/hour rate.
View our monthly packages here to save up to $10/hour.

We apologize for the broad estimates, but every client has very different needs. Once we speak with you about your specific needs, we will provide a more accurate estimate. The low end of each price range represents the lowest possible cost we can offer, but options and revisions will be limited. The high end of each price range represents how long it typically takes to comprehensively complete the given task to the best of our abilities and accounts for advertising and printing expenses when applicable.


Situation Analysis
(Executive Interviews, SWOT Analysis, Report of Findings)

New Name & Tagline Proposals

Mission Statement


Business Sponsorship Plan

New Sponsor Acquisition

Procedure Documentation & Succession Planning

Volunteer Process Audit


Social Media Management
$250-3000 per month

Email Marketing
$100-1000 per month

Manage Messages
(Members and General Public)
$100-1000 per month


Logo Design

Website Redesign

Website Copywriting

Style Guide Development

Brand Video

Trifold Brochure

Presentation Elements (Flyers/Posters/Banners)

Annual Report Template

Letterhead, Business Cards, Various Document Templates


Conduct Membership Drive
(Month-long Advertising Campaign)

Event and/or Fundraiser Planning & Promotion

Create Member-Only Area on Website

Add Value to Membership
(Educational Guides, Video Tutorials, etc)

4-8 Page Monthly Newsletter (Article Curation & Design)

Integrate Donor Management System

Gather Information
(Member/ Donor Survey or Focus Group)

Donor/Volunteers Gifts
(Shirts, Calendars, Coffee Table Books, etc)


Increase Social Media Presence

Increase Membership/Donors
(Direct Mailer, Free Event, or Online Promotion)

Media Relations
(Press Release, Establish Media Partners & Contacts, Media Training)

Create Blog
(Using Preexisting Articles)

Write Article for Blog

Event Recap Video

Educational Video

Talking Head/Testimonial Video

Animated Logo Bumper

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