The best way to advertise in your community is to invest in your community.

At Karma Cultivate, we believe that transparency and generosity make a bigger impression than any kitschy ad campaign. Advertising – done right – can make the world a better place. However, 100s of billions of dollars are spent annually on short-lived ad campaigns that annoy prospective customers.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, put your advertising dollars towards positive change in your community. You will be rewarded with brand loyalty that outlasts any traditional marketing campaign.

Want to Partner with a Non-Profit?

Pre-Packaged Events

Karma Cultivate partners with dozens of non-profits to host a wide variety of volunteer events in Spokane, WA. Our events help the environment, seniors, kids, animals, veterans, & the unhoused – so any company can find an opportunity that fits its brand values.

Pre-packaged events cost between $500 and 2000. 

Co-Branded Content Creation

Partnering with a non-profit organization to create meaningful educational content has several benefits:
• Cheaper than producing your own content
• More exposure, with a built-in audience
• Creates positive brand association
• Continues to drive traffic after project is complete

Most custom content cost between $300 and 2000. 

Pick your preferred non-profit or have us select an on-brand opportunity from our database. We’ll help them plan the project or event, book a photographer or videographer, and promote the event recap.

Most custom events cost between $500 and 5000. 

Co-Branded Merchandise & Non-Monetary Gifts

Many non-profits need gift certificates and merchandise for fundraisers and events. Many also need co-branded “swag” to thank volunteers and donors. These can be great opportunities for businesses to gain name recognition and associate with an organization that is already well-liked in your community. If you click the button below and tell us what you’d like to gift, we’ll pair you with an on-brand opportunity.

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